OSSFILA Technology Limited

Building Blocks for Ultimate Tailor-Made Orthopedic Implant


We are a Technology Start-up at HKSTP

We are an Inch-Tech Hong Kong start-up company from the Hong Kong Science Technology Park (HKSTP) deploying 3D printed bone implants with our own novel bioactive material. Our Team comprise of professionals and subject matter expertise recruited globally to bring in-depth technical insights to our products. OSSFILA is established to positively reshape the quality of life and minimise the repercussions post bone implant surgery.

Learn More About OSSFILA

OSSFILA was founded in 2018 by three affiliates from the University of Hong Kong with the passion to transform scientific research into clinical application. We welcome you to see our story and contact us!

Partner With OSSFILA

OSSFILA recognises R&D as the main driver to continuously improve our health as a community industrial and university collaborations. We works closely with medical affairs, researchers and physicians in the orthopaedics field. Please view our mission and contact us.

Printing Bone 
Implant with 
Bone implants have been made with various methods and materials. Polymer being one of the most interesting materials is a versatile platform with tremendous potential in bioactivity and mechanical performance. In Ossfila, we provide the latest technologies in making bioactive polymer-based implants.

Less time lag

From getting the CT images of the bone, the time taken to model the missing piece of bone and get it 3D printed with bioactive materials take only less than a week here. 

Rocket Science

Making a 3D printed implant is not a rocket science. However, making a bioactive implant that can integrate with your body is a very intense scientific question. 

Available Online

We provide bioactive filament for 3D printing and also 3D printed implant. These can be ordered online with just a few clicks. 




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