Bioactive 3D Printed Patient Specific Implant

Bioactive 3D Printed Patient Specific Implant


The OSSFILA’s patient specific implant (PSI) offers bioactive properties that is conformed to the patient’s anatomy. Similar to the OSSFILA standardized implant, our bioactivity is derived from our hydroxyapatite-coated nano-PMMA filaments. However, a CT scan of the patient’s defect is conducted to manufacture the implant through a computer-aided design software (CAD). Surface modification will also be implemented to coated an additional layer of Hydroxyapatite (HA) nano-particles through wet chemistry method for increase bioactivity. OSSFILA ensures a tailor-made implant that can be integrated into the body at ease.


✔ Superior mechanical properties ✔ Comparable Youngs Modulus with cortical bone ✔ Tailor-made to be patient specific to decrease recovery time ✔ Enhanced bioactivity compared with any other biomaterials such as PEEK


  • Bioactive 3D Printing
  • Cranioplasty implant
  • Mandible Reconstruction
  • Midface reconstruction
  • Craniofacial reconstruction


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