3D Printer calibration Service

3D Printer Calibration Block


Our 3D-printer calibration service is based on our patented calibration block with specific dimensions, geometric shapes to help fine-tune the 3D printer settings to achieve better precision and accuracy. The following can be achieved with the calibration block.

Printer Calibration

By printing a single calibration block and measuring the dimensions of various features on the block with a micrometer and calliper, one can obtain the error between designed values and the printed values. The calibration block has a predefined diameter for the sphere, cylinder, hole on the block, as well as the length in X, Y, and Z direction. The printability is also verified by testing whether the block can be printed with a certain temperature and environment.

Performance Evaluation

By printing the calibration block with the printing model at the same time, one can evaluate the performance of the printing model by taking the parameters of the printing block as a reference to get a better estimation of the printing models’ dimension accuracy.


We are developing a benchmarking database allowing the community to input their printing parameters to compare with other printer brands and know where they rank in terms of printer performance. We are recruiting pioneers to take part in it. Contact us to request the calibration block design and get involved!