Contract Implant Production

Powered by OSSFILA, production of high performance standardized implant has never been easier. Implants can be produced by Bonlecule or any commercial materials. With Bonlecule, implants will possess superior bioactivity and mechanical strength. OSSFILA also provides medical device packaging and ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization services making the production more time and cost effective. With the help of OSSFILA, any manufacturer can create reliable implants which integrate into the body at ease.

State of the Art
Facilities & People

  • ISO 14644-1 class 10,000 cleanroom facilities
  • Industrial class 3D printers
  • ISO 11607 medical device blistering packaging machine
  • ISO 11135 ethylene Oxide sterilizer
  • ISO 10993-23:2021, ISO 10993-5:2019 and REACH (EC1907/2006) certified Bonlecule 
  • ISO 13485 lead auditors for quality management system
  • Affordable substitute compared with Titanium and PEEK implants

Designed by YOU

Medical device engineers and clinicians can now focus on the design of the implants with the help of OSSFILA. OSSFILA’s in-house engineers and scientists will provide you with the professional advice and warmest support throughout the design process. On the other hand, OSSFILA’s professional team will handle the rest of the production process, making sure every single steps of the production are taken care of.


Create your implants and scaffolds.

  • Cranioplasty implants
  • Oral and maxillofacial implants
  • Spinal cage
  • Scaffolds of various shapes and sizes
  • Veterinary