We aim to positively reshape the quality of life and minimise the repercussions post bone implant surgery.

We recognised that our 3D bone implant could be better delivered in the community.

We aim to take the advantage of our 3D printing filament and 3D printing technology to replace the natural bone at a much lower cost and increase the accessibility of patients.


We are a high-tech Hong Kong start-up company deploying 3D printed bone implants with our very own novel 3D printing filament. We anticipate in transforming traditional metal moulding with our 3D printing technology. Driving this technology forward improves patient accessibility, implant compatibility and post-surgery quality of life. Our new bone implants outcompetes current alternatives of human bone implants with a much lower-cost while maintaining comparable mechanical strength and durability. Our novel characteristics in our 3D printing filament also encompass superior biocompatibility. Our 3D bone printing technology sidestep the conventional manufacturing constrains and thus offer a more functional and personalised solution for patients.