Bioactive 3D Printed standardized implant

Bioactive 3D Printed standardized implant


Our novel bioactive 3D standardized implant is derived from our hydroxyapatite-coated nano-PMMA filaments. Since OSSFILA implants are printed directly from a bioactive source, the implant will also possess superior bioactivity with suitable mechanical strength. Surface modification will also be implemented to coated an additional layer of Hydroxyapatite (HA) nano-particles through wet chemistry method for increase bioactivity. OSSFILA ensures a reliable implant that can be integrated into the body at ease.


✔ Superior mechanical properties ✔ Comparable Youngs Modulus with cortical bone ✔ Affordable substitute compared with titanium ✔ Enhanced bioactivity compared with any other biomaterials such as PEEK


  • Bioactive 3D Printing
  • Spinal intervertebral body cage
  • Hip implants


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